And here we go again…

It is no surprise that I am a fan, supporter, and contributor to the Ron Paul campaign.  I support Paul’s decision to not endorse Romney.  But with Paul out of the running, what do I do come election time?  Do I vote my conscience by writing in Ron Paul? Or do I jump on the Anybody But Obama (ABO) bandwagon?

I know what I am going to do.  But I ask you, dear reader, to hear me out and come to your own conclusion.

In an article from 7/30/92, the popular Libertarian Murray N Rothbard discusses this very subject.  Click here for the full article, but he concludes with

A victory for Bush will–at least partly–hold back the hordes for another four years. Of course, that is not exactly soul-satisfying. What would be soul-satisfying would be taking the offensive at long last, launching a counter-revolution in government, in the economy, in the culture, everywhere against malignant left-liberalism. When oh when do we get to start?

I say to you, 20 years later, that it is time to start the counter-revolution in government.  I will no longer play the political games.  I will vote my conscience.  If you think I am making a mistake, then I ask you to think on this:

  • Is there really any difference between Obama and Romney?
  • Is there really any difference between Democrats and Republicans?

I will use my vote to send a message.  That message being that I choose republic over Republican.

Tim Bleeker – 6/13/2012