The daily news and opinion site was founded in 1999 by anarcho-capitalists Lew Rockwell [send him mail] and Burt Blumert to help carry on the anti-war, anti-state, pro-market work of Murray N. Rothbard. Among the hundreds of LRC writers over the years, some of the most prominent are Becky AkersWilt Alston, James Altucher, Bill AndersonWalter BlockBill BonnerPat BuchananDoug CaseyGerald CelenteKaren De CosterJohn DensonTom DiLorenzoTom EngelhardtDoug FrenchDavid GordonAnthony GregoryWill GriggHans-Hermann HoppeJacob HornbergerGlenn JacobsKaren KwiatkowskiScott Lazarowitz, Eric MargolisRyan McMakenDon Miller, MDAndrew NapolitanoGary NorthRon PaulEric Peters, Ralph Raico, Justin RaimondoFred ReedPaul Craig RobertsMike (in Tokyo) Rogers,Bill RoundsMike RozeffBill SardiButler ShafferMark SissonMac SlavoThomas SowellJeff TuckerLaurence VanceWalter Williams, and Tom Woods.

Lew strives to present a diverse daily selection of interesting articles from our writers and other sites, but he does not necessarily endorse every view expressed. He does, however, believe that each piece will repay your reading.