With the first debate out of the way, the GOP/ DEM politico did nothing to convince the American people of a secure and better future. What it did, is solidify a place for the Libertarian Party (LP). Ok, Governor Gary Johnson was excluded but his media time did increase. During the debate and after, his exclusion garnished enough talk, for the media to take notice. Furthermore, some sponsors even withdrew support from the First Presidential Debate because of the mandated two party format. From the GOP/DEM Presidential party nomination (teleprompter fiasco), lack of specifics on key topics, lack of action on key current National events unfolding, and inconsistent decision making of the current Presidential cabinet, more and more Americans are disenchanted with the Two party system today. The TWO parties have done it to themselves by not providing the leadership that Americans expect out of their Government.

The Libertarian movement has taken off, largely through social networking, the grass root movement of hard working, free thinking Americans, getting the job done. Political analysis have already predicted that Gov. Gary Johnson, even with his comparative low media exposure, is expected to take away key votes in States that were heavy DEM/GOP voting states, possibly affecting the Presidential outcome. Whether now or the next, Libertarian Party will be a a force to be recon with.

Given the time and rope , I think DEM/GOP, will hang themselves with their antiquated view, lack of progressive and intuitive programs, and the ever growing Government intervention, in all aspects of peoples lives…. “LIVE FREE”

Allen Acosta