Attention Friends of SOLMC:

Many of you have inquired about the status of our Facebook feed, and I have been unable to answer you until now.  The short answer is that a fraudulent Trademark infringement complaint was lodged with Facebook and they closed our Group page.

If you have learned anything about us as a group, it’s that we honor the spirit of the Original Sons of Liberty and there is an unshakable belief in our mission and purpose.  Our research into the original Son’s of Liberty has led us to the conclusion that they were not started in one region, or by one person, but were derived from factions across the Colonies that were disgruntled with their treatment from the Crown.  The name Sons of Liberty was assigned during debate in Parliament and as the Colonial factions became aware of each other, they utilized the name and formed loose networks of association that eventually sprouted the Continental Congress.

Over the years we have been aware of several motorcycle clubs or riding groups that have appeared on the scene.  Most are gone, but a couple are still active.  There have been other groups that were about to form that reached out to us because they discovered the name was already in use.  Our position has always been one of tolerance with respect to how the Original Sons of Liberty were formed.  We never sought to trademark the name “SONS OF LIBERTY” as we believed that history owns the name, not any individual or group.  In other words, and in Libertarian fashion, don’t mess with me and I won’t mess with you.  It’s a pretty simple philosophy that we hold dear and preach to anyone with regards to government or personal intrusion.

We are excited about the thousands of requests to join us that we have received from across the world and devised a plan to be more inclusive rather than exclusive.  We stated this intent on Facebook and that was about the time we started having conflict with another club claiming to be The Sons of Liberty, and they are also out of Texas.

We are now forced to protect ourselves and lay claim to our Right to Superior use of the name “SONS OF LIBERTY MOTORCYCLE CLUB”.  We have filed an official petition to cancel the trademark registration 4703392 and filed an injunction in Federal Court.  The simple fact is, we have been operating under the name “SONS OF LIBERTY MOTORCYCLE CLUB” since November of 2008 and that is documented.  The defending club claims April of 2009.

We are now in the unfortunate position of defending ourselves.  We were content to leave this other group alone as long as we were left alone.  But now they have treaded on our goodwill and we will see them exposed as the thieves and liars they are and nothing short of their disbandment will suffice.

For us, we are operating as “business as usual”.  Nothing has changed.  We are still growing.  We are still educating.  We still want to find those men we can call brother.  Keep your inquiries coming, and we will keep answering you.

That is all I will say on the legal issues for now.  I will keep you updated as things progress.

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Yours in Liberty,

Tim “Awesome” Bleeker


*** Although the above information is true to the best of my knowledge, it is represented solely for informational purposes only and not part of any official legal proceedings or to be used in such a manner ***