FIRST of all, I want to say that my personal views are my own and do not necessarily reflect the views of strict Libertarianism or of the Sons of Liberty Motorcycle Club. That being said, I have a unique perspective on immigration that some of my brothers do not have.

My dad’s family was from Spain. They immigrated to Puerto Rico then my dad came to the States when he joined the army in 1964. He never went back to Puerto Rico because he much preferred the Mainland. My mother’s dad was German. His family settled in Louisville, KY where my mother was born. Through a set of fortunate events, my dad and my mom ended up in Georgia and met at a bowling alley. English was not my dad’s first language and in his 74 years on Earth, I am not sure it was his second, either. People would often ask my dad what he was and his answer was always the same: I am an American. He served his country and like most soldiers in the 60’s and 70’s, served in Vietnam. He was highly decorated and earned a Bronze Star with V Device for valor. Also, like most combat vets, he never talked about it. He was with the 9th Infantry Division, 4th of the 47th Mobile Riverine Force, a unit that saw more than its fair share of combat. He was part of five campaigns and was interviewed by the History Channel for 16 hours before he died of complications from brain and blood cancer brought on by exposure to Agent Orange.

I tell you this to show you the difference between an immigrant today and an immigrant then. At the turn of the century, immigrants came here by the ship load. They only wanted one thing: to be part of the most amazing country on earth. They wanted a chance at the American Dream. During World War Two, it is well documented that immigrants from Italy, Ireland, and other countries were the fiercest fighters on our side. This was also true of British immigrants from their colonies. Why did they fight so hard for us? Because they saw the worth of what America could offer them. They could see the value of freedom and the contrast between a free America they countries that they left.

Immigrants today come to America and they see a free ride. They can come here and suck on the teat of the government and give nothing back in return. I truly believe that there are good immigrants who come here illegally. I see them working hard to support their families. They are too busy working to protest the fact that we do not have a driver’s license test in Spanish or that they shouldn’t be subject to our laws because they differ from the laws where they left. They are busy assimilating instead of protesting. I firmly, FIRMLY believe that the biggest immigration issue is not illegals crossing the border but government regulations forcing Americans to treat them differently when they get here. We SHOULD have an official language and immigrants should learn it. Welfare should be temporary, if any at all for immigrants both legal and illegal. And if you get caught sneaking into our country, you get sent back, no questions asked and put in the back of the line. These programs are not a disservice to tax paying citizens but to the immigrants themselves because they hold them back from achieving the American Dream of being self-sustaining. I’m from the South and I learned to swim by my dad throwing me into the deep end of the pool without a life jacket. This same philosophy should be used when dealing with immigrants: sink or swim. The cream will rise to the top.

Now we are dealing with a new immigration problem. Immigrants from Syria and Iraq. One only has to look at Great Briton and France to see what a liberal immigration policy can do to a country. The hard core Libertarian would say we don’t need borders and that this country was founded and settled by immigrants. I submit that these immigrants are not like our great-great grandparents. No, these immigrants are leaving a cesspool and want to reproduce that very cesspool on these lands. They aren’t intending to become Americans but wish for us to submit to their culture, the very culture from which they are fleeing. Look at Dearborn, MI and Minneapolis, MN for example. In Minneapolis, the Somali Muslims are flooding the welfare rolls and Section 8 housing. They are among the least educated people in the world and armed with EBT cards and Section 8 housing vouchers show no intentions for actually going to work. Dearborn is a bastion of Muslim life and they have transformed that city from an industrial might to an Islamic enclave complete with Sharia courts and Islamic banks. They have Morality Patrols to ensure that the females are not speaking with men and wearing the traditional Muslim Hajib. Where is the freedom there?

If you look at second generation immigrants, you would see little difference between their children and the children of the majority of Americans who have been here for generations. However, these new immigrants show no signs of assimilating into American culture. They do not believe in American exceptionalism and I would make a bet that they would not be willing to shed blood for this country if duty calls. Being a citizen of this great Republic requires a great responsibility that this latest wave of immigrants is unwilling to shoulder. Citizenship classes should be mandatory and as I stated earlier, public assistance should be limited and finite.

In conclusion, I am of the opinion that any immigration policy should be thought through with the best interests of the citizens who already live here and have made it here. A lax immigration policy will benefit no one and only jeopardizes the security of this country. You can come here but you have to become American, by God.