MY OLD MAN was a tough son of a bitch. He had tattoos and a Harley before they were mainstream. He had a lot of qualities about him that would not be considered “good” but he also had one quality in particular that I always admired and wanted to copy.

At his funeral, many men would come up to me and say nice things about my dad. I knew most of his friends because my dad was a man who put a high value on his friends and brothers. Every weekend was a gathering at his place and his home was set up so that people felt at ease and welcome. People liked being around my old man. I did, too. The best way I can describe it is that I felt safe around my dad. When I was with him I never worried about anything. My dad was the apex predator.
One man in particular was standing in the background, patiently waiting on everyone to speak to me and shake my hand. He must have waited thirty minutes for everyone to leave. When he walked up to me, he had tears in his eyes and he took my hand. I could tell he was not quite all there mentally and physically but when he talked about my dad he stood up straight and he had pure admiration in his eyes. This is what he said to me:
“I grew up in the same neighborhood as your dad. He was the cool guy in our neighborhood. He never let anyone pick on me if he was around. And the other boys were so scared of him that they never picked on me when he wasn’t around because they knew what he would do to them if I told him. I wanted to be cool like your dad. He was my friend.”
I often hear people say that they found out things about their dads after they died that they never knew. I didn’t. I knew this about my dad all of my life. If my dad thought of you as a friend or brother, he left no doubt in your mind where you stood. He always said what he thought, even if sometimes it would have been more politically correct to be silent. I’m not even sure if he knew what politically correct meant.
I try and live my life the same way. I have a family of my own and if you ask them they will tell you that I will do what I have to do to keep my family safe and protect my way of life. I raise my boys to feel the same way. Nobody messes with my family. I have three sons, four daughters, and a beautiful wife. If you ask any of them they will tell you that I make them feel safe and I am proud of that more than anything else I have accomplished.
Things are changing in our country and we are going in a direction where the destination is tyranny and oppression by our government. Can we stop this train? I really don’t have the answer. But I can tell you that the days of remaining silent and not speaking out are over. If you want to stop this train, we are all going to have to be an obstacle in its path. This means someone is going to be run over before the train slows down. Leave no doubt that you are willing to speak out and sacrifice your way of life to preserve it for your children and grandchildren. Speak up, show up, and leave no doubt in other’s minds what you think and how far you’re willing to go.
If you are reading this, it means you have found the Sons of Liberty. We are the apex predators.