The Lessor of Two Evils

And here we go again…

It is no surprise that I am a fan, supporter, and contributor to the Ron Paul campaign.  I support Paul’s decision to not endorse Romney.  But with Paul out of the running, what do I do come election time?  Do I vote my conscience by writing in Ron Paul? Or do I jump on the Anybody But Obama (ABO) bandwagon?

I know what I am going to do.  But I ask you, dear reader, to hear me out and come to your own conclusion.

In an article from 7/30/92, the popular Libertarian Murray N Rothbard discusses this very subject.  Click here for the full article, but he concludes with

A victory for Bush will–at least partly–hold back the hordes for another four years. Of course, that is not exactly soul-satisfying. What would be soul-satisfying would be taking the offensive at long last, launching a counter-revolution in government, in the economy, in the culture, everywhere against malignant left-liberalism. When oh when do we get to start?

I say to you, 20 years later, that it is time to start the counter-revolution in government.  I will no longer play the political games.  I will vote my conscience.  If you think I am making a mistake, then I ask you to think on this:

  • Is there really any difference between Obama and Romney?
  • Is there really any difference between Democrats and Republicans?

I will use my vote to send a message.  That message being that I choose republic over Republican.

Tim Bleeker – 6/13/2012

2012 ROT Rally – Austin, TX

The Republic of Texas Biker Rally (ROT Biker Rally) is the biggest motorcycle rally in Texas and one of largest motorcycle events in the U.S.  Enthusiasts come enjoy the amazing motorcycles, the Austin nightlife and of course the beautiful Texas women.

The four-day ROT Rally starts June 7th and runs through June 10th 2012.  The rally is always the second Thursday in June each year and is held at the Travis County Exposition Center in Northeast Austin Texas.  The rally is known for its high caliber music acts, after all, Austin Texas is self proclaimed “The Music Capital of the World.”  The ROT Rally is proud to be a part of Austin and bring top named entertainment to the event each year.  Past years headliners include names like Hank Williams Jr., Willie Nelson, Bret Michaels, Joan Jett, Paul Rogers, Steppenwolf, David Allen Coe, Charlie Daniels to name a few.   The city of Austin cooperates by closing off 54 square blocks of the downtown area for a huge party on Congress Ave. Friday night, June 8th.   It is considered the largest biker party in a downtown area of a metropolitan city. The ROT Rally expects more than 50,000 participants in 2012, and will draw over 200,000 spectators to the downtown streets of Austin during the Friday Night of ROT.  The attractions out at the Travis County Expo Center include a ride in bike show, custom bike builders, The World Famous Wall of Death, Comedians, national named bands, The Paradise Bar, a tattoo expo, contests for the ladies, stunt riders, 350 vendors and distributors, the ROT Rally Friday night parade and more.  The Guinness Book of World Records certified the ROT Parade as the “Longest Parade of Motorcycles.”

The ROT Rally officially starts on Thursday, June 7th at 8:00 AM.  The first full day of activities culminates with an outdoor concert (TBA).  You’re going to like it!  Friday continues and adds the escorted parade leaving the rally site at 7:30pm Friday Night. For those who choose to stay at the rally site, there will be an evening concert at the amphitheatre. Saturday features all the above but adds a “Ride in Bike Show” with over 17 classes.  Saturday night’s live concert is sure to be a stunner, don‘t miss it… The ROT Rally is an all-weather event, and it will be held, rain or shine. Rally Ends Noon Sunday, June 10, 2012! Pre-registration opens January 2012

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